POLICE are reviewing CCTV of ‘mindless’ vandals who defaced the skate park at the new £1m Bells Field development in Coleford with graffiti over the weekend.

Town mayor Cllr Nick Penny said: “It is hugely disappointing, but luckily we have some very clear pictures of the perpetrators on the CCTV and the police are on the case.

“Fortunately there is no damage to the actual structure of the skatepark, but it looks very unsightly and it will have to be cleaned at a cost to the council.

“When the recreation ground opened in September last year I said it represented an investment of around £1 million into the community and I hoped the community would respect it.

“We would ask everyone to respect the new recreation ground and anyone with any additional information please contact the police and quote incident number 134 of February 18.”

A statement on the town council’s Facebook page described the graffiti as “mindless vandalism”, which happened around the same time as a nearby sweet shop door was kicked in, which was also caught on CCTV.

The council said it was consulting with police about posting the pictures of the skate park incident online, while many residents expressed their disgust at the damage on the council page.

David Nelson-Brown stormed: “Post the pictures… Name and shame.”

Susan Knot added: “Disgusting behaviour, should really name them so people can watch out for them.”

Ian Whitburn said: “Walked around the park on Saturday and I was amazed there were so many kids enjoying the park. 

“All playing nicely. Such a shame muppets just have to spoil things.”

Karen Wilkins suggested: ‘If CCTV cannot be shared on here perhaps it can be shown to the staff at local schools so they can be recognised. These vandals need to be held accountable for their actions.”

Sophie Jane Hawkins added: “Let’s not let these few stupid idiots ruin what is a lovely new space in Coleford; thank you Coleford Town Council and the police for getting on this straight away.”

Rachel Lou said her sweet shop window door had been kicked in by “mindless lads” around the same time.

“Guess what, we have you also on CCTV which is now in the hands of the police with all your names ... your parents should be ashamed.”