I REFER to your news item (Review 25 November) regarding the Two Rivers Housing grass cutting fiasco and Ms Ashford's comments about the legal position of home owners who may have already paid for the service.

 I would have thought any invoices sent to home owners for a service that the recipient has not asked for is illegal unless it says on the invoice that it was just an offer.

 I assume the home owners affected will take legal advice to check if the demands received amounted to fraudulent invoicing and register a complaint through the appropriate authorities, also initiate the legal route to recovering the sums paid and costs.

 The council's inaction on the subject matter stated in the report is understandable as no organisation would admit to having made a mistake. The transfer of the housing stock was handled with undue haste by the then Labour administration with the council's housing department

staff taking up employment with the new housing Co and prominent Labour councillors heading the governance board.

– Venk Shenoi, Blaisdon