A Ross man was found lying in the middle of a road, imitating the actions of the ‘Just Stop Oil’ protesters. Barry Williams, 46, of Thuringen Street, admitted to being drunk and disorderly during the episode on July 27. His antics caught the attention of many, including an off-duty police officer, leading to his appearance at Hereford Magistrates Court on September 13.

Tom Wickstead from the Crown Prosecution Service recounted the events, stating, “The defendant was lying in the middle of the road.” Despite being asked multiple times by the officer to move, Williams consistently refused, replying with a simple “no”. This led to his arrest for being drunk and disorderly.

Defending his actions, Williams, who represented himself, said, “I was in the Eagle talking about Just Stop Oil protesters and how I was going to go in the road as well and stop the traffic.” He added, “It was a laugh and a joke. I didn’t realise there was an off-duty officer in the queue. I am sorry. It was all a mistake that was done in jest.”

While Williams was granted a conditional discharge for six months, he was spared court costs. However, he was instructed to pay a mandatory government surcharge of £26.