PARISH councillors gathered in Blakeney at the start of a sponsored bike ride to... Blakeney.

But Stephen Lake and his son James weren’t about to start a few laps of the village, they were on their way to the other side of the country, to its counterpart in Norfolk.

Chair of Awre Parish Council, Cllr Ray Cotton and councillor Glyn Bullock and Jessica Johnson, met Stephen and James outside Blakeney British Legion on Sunday (June 27) where Stephen and James presented the councillors with a print of the former Norfolk fishing village and were given a picture calendar of the Forest of Dean and a poster and programme from the last Blakeney duck race.

Stephen said he did not know of the Forest Blakeney until he went online for a local weather forecast.

He said: “I asked Google what the weather was and it said it was raining – I looked outside and I thought: ‘That’s wrong’. It was only then I realised they were talking about this Blakeney.”

He then had the idea of cycling between the two villages to raise money for the Blakeney 12, a small charity that works in the local community.

Cllr Cotton said: “It’s been a pleasure to welcome Stephen and James to Blakeney and we wish them all the best on their ride.”

Stephen and James aimed to complete the 280-mile ride in six days with a reception planned in Norfolk for today (Friday).