FRIENDS and former adversaries gathered in Ross for the launch of a book of cricketing memories.

The author of Rich Wine Untold: Basher's Swansong for Lydney, is Rob Brain who spent many years wielding the bat in service to the club.

According to Rob: "Lydney Cricket Club, like the Forest, has a strong oral tradition – a rich wine untold in the vat of history."

The stories of the cricketing life of Lydney are helped with reference to the work of various "Stattos" who meticulous record-keeping Rob – who now lives in Ross – was grateful for.

As well as the central theme of Lydney there are chapters on tours, the late and much lamented Three Counties League and Rob's favourite games.

In addition, of course, there are the characters who were well-known in the town well beyond the bounds of the cricket field such as Peter James and John Morris.

The launch at the Phoenix Theatre in Ross followed a similar event in Lydney.

Rob said: "Writing the book was a real labour of love."

The book is available from local bookshops or by contacting Rob directly on 01989 563799.