WITH regard to last week’s letter from a visitor to Lydney drawing attention to an ideal breeding area for vermin, namely the three ‘bug hotels’ by the side of Lydney Lake.

Well, what a surprise.   When I answered the door on Sunday morning (October 30), I was told by two walkers that there were dead rats under our infamous ‘bug hotels’.  

I immediately investigated and took photographs.This was several days before reading the letter in your newspaper.  

The two rats showed no obvious reason for death, so this brings me to the conclusion that poison may have been the cause.

If so, who is putting this down?  

Dead rats lying next to a road used by so many dog walkers could have serious consequences.  

One thing is certain: the visitor from Devon has been proved correct.  

These constructions are unsightly, are in the wrong place, are definitely an ideal breeding ground for rats and should be removed immediately.  

Reinstate the parking area and almost everyone would be happy, visitors and locals alike.  

Perhaps not our invisible town councillors who have wasted local taxpayers’ money by building these eyesores.

– G Brown, Lydney.