The Farmers Boy Inn, Longhope, famed for its homemade pies under the MadAboutPies brand, has secured its place amongst the world's best by ranking in the top ten per cent of hotels globally on TripAdvisor. Amongst 8 million hotels listed on the platform, this achievement speaks volumes about the pub's dedication to quality and service.

A Gloucestershire staple, The Farmers Boy Inn doesn't claim to be the Ritz, but rather prides itself on its distinct ethos and robust culture that's been cultivated over the years. The driving force behind this success is a fantastic team of committed staff, from the kitchen to the front house and the hotel, who continuously learn, adapt, and grow amidst the surprises of the hospitality industry.

The pub's accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. Not only has it triumphed with 45 British Pie Awards, but it has also been honoured as the Forest of Dean’s Pub, Restaurant, and Business of the Year. Recognition from both patrons and industry peers alike is a testament to the hard work poured into this establishment.

Maintaining its spot amongst the top echelons of TripAdvisor's rankings, The Farmers Boy Inn has the eyes of the world upon it. Yet, its roots remain firmly in Gloucestershire soil, where it continues to provide award-winning pies, exceptional service, and an unforgettable experience for all who walk through its doors.