A 21-year-old Littledean man who drove dangerously along the A48 last autumn will learn his fate when he is sentenced next month.

Gloucester Crown Court was told that Samuel Ricketts had embarked on a seven mile high street pursuit with the police, driving at speeds between 80mph and 100mph in a 50 mph zone while intoxicated through drugs in the middle of the day.

The Judge, Recorder Malcolm Gibney told Ricketts: “You were plainly involved in this pursuit during which you failed to stop for the police when requested. You would have been clearly aware of the officers’ intentions. This is probably because you were four times over the legal limit for drugs, namely a cocaine derivative. 

“This is not great, especially for somebody with no previous convictions. I can deal with this matter today, despite you not having any legal representation in court. I have a pre-sentence report which tells your side of the story.

“However, I feel you should have legal representation because of the real possibility of immediate custody on two of the four charges that you are before me for.”

Ricketts explained to the judge that when he appeared at the magistrates’ court he did not qualify for legal aid because of his income and added that, having lost his job in February, he now is in a position to reapply for legal aid

Prosecutor Neil Treharne said a four week adjournment would be suitable.

Recorder Gibneytold Ricketts: “I am adjourning this hearing until May 21. You will be back here on that date with a lawyer to represent you. 

“If you are not the case will proceed to sentence in any event. You are being granted conditional bail which requires you to contact legal services to sort out representation for yourself. I notice that you’ve already been subjected to an interim driving ban.

Ricketts is charged with driving a Vauxhall Astra dangerously on October 20, 2023 on the A48 at Westbury

He is also charged with drug driving on the same date, having no insurance and failing to stop when requested by police in uniform.