A 35-year-old Lydbrook man who stored his motorbike inside his mother’s home while she was on holiday sparked a violent argument on the family’s return, Gloucester Crown Court heard.

Jamie Roberts of Westview, Joys Green was sentenced to a suspended 19-month prison term after admitting assaulting his niece..

A judge told him it was “not the first time” he had been violent to women.

David Scutt prosecuting explained that on June 19, 2022 Roberts was sleeping at his mother’s address in Lydney when she and other family members returned home from holiday.

His mother tried to open the front door and found it locked and became alarmed when she smelt petrol  as she opened the letterbox.

"But on entering the house an argument ensued which became quite heated over his storage of his motorbike inside the property. Roberts then threatened his mother and became physical towards her and tried to grab her phone because he believed she would phone the police,” Mr Scutt said.

“Roberts warned her, ‘Do that and it will be the last thing you will do’. 

His niece tried to defend her grandmother and when she kicked out at Roberts’ car he grabbed her by the neck and pushed her down onto the vehicle 

Mr Scutt said: “Roberts continued squeezing her neck for a prolonged period of time during which time she became very frightened. Another family member then separated the two of them."

The court was told that the woman suffered substantial bruising butRoberts told police that he acted in self-defence.

In a victim statement she said: “I have had time to reflect on the incident and it’s left me feeling in total shock. I am shocked that somebody who I regard is part of my family, would attack me in such a violent way and make me feel so frightened.

“Whilst I’ve argued with Jamie before, he has never been violent towards me. I can’t believe he made me fear for my own safety. I thought he was somebody I could trust.

“Since the incident, Jamie has tried to contact me, but I have ignored him as I don’t see any way in which the relationship can be salvaged.

“I don’t want to go and see my grandmother because if he is there then he might turn violent again. I want him to know that he has done wrong. I want him to get help with his drug addiction and for him to know that he cannot go around harming people who have annoyed him.

Lloyd Jenkins defending said that the incident on June 19, 2022 was triggered by the storage of his motorbike in the house. 

“Roberts admits that he completely over reacted when Ms Hawkins kicked out at his car and that he now realises his actions cross the custody threshold. He concedes that his actions were ugly and this has resulted in him creating a wedge between him and the rest of his family. 

“Roberts was candid with the pre-sentence report author about his heavy use of cocaine. At the time of the incident he was of low mood and is suffering from mental health issues. 

Since the incident Roberts has become estranged from his family. Unfortunately Roberts has two previous convictions for violence against women in a domestic context.

“However he has not reoffended since the incident in June, almost two years ago proving that there is a prospect of rehabilitation. I believe that any custodial sentence could be suspended.”

Roberts of Westview, Joys Green, Lydbrook pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm.

The Judge, Recorder Eleanor Hourigan told Roberts: “This is not the first time you’ve behaved badly towards women. It is very obvious that your drug addiction contributed to your offending. You need to urgently address this.

“As a result of your offending you are now estranged from your family, which is sad. I also note the challenging circumstances you’ve endured during your life and I am aware of your mental health issues.”

The judge sentenced Roberts to a prison term of 19 months, suspended for two years and subjected him to an 18 month mental health treatment requirement and alcohol treatment requirement for the same time period. 

He was also ordered to undertake 240 hours of unpaid work; attend 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days and monthly judicial reviews.