GREAT Oaks Hospice is the proud owner of two new Linkline alarm units. The Forest of Dean District Council Forest Linkline emergency monitoring service donated the alarm units and body worn pendants to staff last Thursday as part of its continued support of the Coleford-based charity.

The Forest Linkline team work in partnership with Great Oaks to support the hospice alarm units for vulnerable clients, but a recent opportunity has enabled the council to replace the old units with two new digital alarms and cover the ongoing monitoring costs.

The new alarms will be made available to selected terminally-ill clients, allowing them to return home to spend their final months with their loved ones and carers in familiar surroundings.

Jane Hamilton, clinical nurse manager at Great Oaks said: "We have been working in partnership with the district council for a number of years to provide an alarm system in our hospice. We are extremely grateful to receive the two new digital units, which we will be able to install at very short notice in times of crisis. It will provide much-needed reassurance for our most vulnerable clients and their families." Cllr Terry Hale, Cabinet member for the Community added: "The council is pleased to be able to continue to support Great Oaks by donating the two alarm units and helping out by covering the monitoring costs. We understand how important it is to provide a reliable alarm system to ensure peace of mind for terminally ill patients and their carers at a reasonable rate."

Linkline was founded by the council in 1986 and has a proven track record in providing a low cost 24-hour emergency service across the district.