John Kyrle High School String Ensemble, under the expert guidance of their dedicated tutor and Ensemble director, Barbara Kinnaird, dazzled audiences with a Silver Award-winning performance at HPA Fest, Herefordshire’s annual Festival of Performing Arts.

The group, consisting of Sid, Jeremy, Iona, and Donald on violins, Jo on viola, and Lily and Alf on cello, impressed with their rendition of Cavalcade, a piece written and arranged by Annie Hewitt-Jones.

Katy Latham, a professional violinist and adjudicator of the strings categories, praised the ensemble for their sense of style and rhythmic energy, noting the dynamic contrasts throughout the performance. She also commended the 2nd violin section for bringing the tune out at critical moments.

Held at Holy Trinity Church in Whitecross, Hereford, the event featured additional standout performances by Iona Bruce and Jeremy Maxwell, who received Silver and Gold Awards and Distinctions for their Grade 4 Solos. Sid and Alf Steward earned Distinctions and Gold Awards for their Grade 6 and Grade 7 Solo String competitions, showcasing incredible skill and flair.

The festival, which ran from March 13 to the 18, took place across five different Hereford venues, with hundreds of performers from across the county participating in various categories.