St Mary’s Primary School in Fownhope and John Kyrle High School have embarked on an art project to pay tribute to a former student, Stan, who is dearly missed.

In an emotionally stirring display, a special room was dedicated to Stan's memory, adorned with unique art pieces created by the students. The vibrant artworks, a testament to Stan's spirit, were unveiled just before half-term, instantly transforming the space. Headteacher Mr Milne admitted being moved by the sight of the completed works, describing the transformation as an emotional experience.

Year 6 students eagerly await their chance to witness the art-infused room, and an official opening is planned later this month to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Stan's passing. Mr Milne expressed profound gratitude to everyone involved in the project, signalling an openness to similar collaborations in the future.

A special acknowledgement was extended to Mrs Burley, Mrs Brann, and Miss Kelly Davies for their indispensable support during the project.

Meanwhile, Year 8 art students have been busy putting their own spin on the styles of artist Caroline Kaufman. The young artists have produced a collaborative exhibition in WyeLearn, exploring patterns, textures, colour combinations, and mark-making. Their captivating creations, fashioned into vibrant 'bugs', have received glowing praise from visitors.

Comments like 'It's very bright and bold. I love it!' and 'Well done! You have all worked so hard to create such beautiful bugs! WyeLearn is so bright and colourful!' resonated through the corridors. The vivacious bugs, with their inspiring colours and creativity, have succeeded in turning WyeLearn into a place of joy, according to Mrs Taranenko.

In a chorus of praise for the budding artists, Mr Moseley, Mrs Lusty, Mrs Arundel, and M Morgan all commended the exceptional artwork and the palpable pride reflected in every piece.

The power of art, in its ability to bring joy and honour memories, is evident in the hallways and hearts of both St Mary's Primary and John Kyrle High School. Their collaboration not only serves as a lasting tribute to Stan but also an inspiration for future creative endeavours.