A thrilling tale of mystery, deceit, and black humour is set to unfold on the stage of The Phoenix Theatre, in Ross-on-Wye.

The award-winning Phoenix Theatre Company returns this summer with its much-anticipated production of “Murder in Company”, a darkly comedic play penned by Philip King and John Boland.

The plot revolves around a dramatic society preparing to rehearse a mystery thriller on a church hall stage.

The drama within the company surpasses the one they intend to present. Guided under the iron-fist of their director Philip Stephens, tensions rise, secrets are unearthed, and a lurking menace threatens to turn the table on the company’s already tumultuous dynamics.

Philip’s wife’s unwarranted friendliness with a younger man in the company triggers suspicion.

Meanwhile, a prowler is on the loose in the neighbourhood, and one of the company’s women falls victim to an attack.

The plot thickens when an unpleasant caretaker resorts to a spot of blackmail, and it appears one of the women may recognise him from a dark past.

The looming question remains, will the secrets be revealed, and can they catch the prowler before the situation turns fatally dire?

The Phoenix Theatre, a beacon of Ross On Wye’s cultural scene, promises to deliver an unforgettable experience with this latest production.

The much-awaited performance is scheduled to run from Saturday, May 27, through to Saturday, 3rd June.

Tickets are now available for purchase, ensuring a captivating evening of intrigue and suspense.

You can secure your spot at the Box Office at Rossiter Books or by visiting the theatre’s website at www.phoenix-theatre.org.uk. Ticket prices are set at £12, with a special rate of £10 available for the performance on Monday, May 29.

So, buckle up for a riveting evening as the Phoenix Theatre Company unveils the mysteries hidden within the “Murder in Company”.

As the curtain rises, you’ll find yourself transported into a world where reality intertwines with fiction, secrets seep through the cracks, and danger lurks at every turn. Who knows?

The Phoenix Theatre Company might just have you questioning what’s real and what’s part of the play. Prepare to be thrilled!