‘Family from hell’ in Lydney move?

Wednesday 3rd February 2016 10:43 am

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SPECULATION is rising that the notorious Birch family from Gloucester are to be rehoused in Lydney, following their eviction from their city homes.

It has been reported to the Review that, despite press reports that the family were found a home in Stroud, that they are actually to be moved into Church Road.

The family, Michael Birch, 69, his partner Jane Beard, and their two daughters Trudie, 28, and Ellen, 22, subsquently hit the national media as they pleaded for another chance to change their anti-social ways.

Court orders had placed them in an injunction that was designed to curb their public swearing, threats, fighting and shouting, for which more 300 incidents have been reported.

A Lydney man, who did not wish to be named, said he saw the family moving into Church Road and the Review has received similar claims by another person.

Michael Birch and both of his daughters are due before a court in Gloucester today (Wednesday) to face allegations that they breached the rules set for them by the court in October.

Their plight, as they were forced to squat in disused buildings and even doorways in Gloucester, was picked up by national press and TV, but former neighbours in Byron Avenue, Pods­mead, and Russell Street in the city have told of their misery at nuisance said to have been caused by the family.

Reports of difficulties, and challenges, for neighbours told of bad smells, loud music and television, fighting, rude gestures, and, commonly, shouting at people.

The family has effectively been homeless and claim the cold weather has badly affected the health of Mr and Mrs Birch who are both wheelchair users.

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