In a mesmerising display of craftsmanship, Ross Vaga Probus Club was treated to the intricate world of gemstone cutting on Tuesday, 22nd August. Alan Poultney, a seasoned lapidarist with an impressive 48-year career, showcased his expertise by transforming a rough tourmaline into a dazzling gem of over three carats.

Originally hailing from Zimbabwe but now residing in Kent, Alan, alongside his assistant Sue Poultney, captivated the audience with his passion for the craft. "My passion for cutting allows me to produce stones where the light passing on its uninterrupted journey through the stone will be fully reflected back, bursting through the top of the stone with a scintillation and an intensity of colour that will startle any viewer," Alan shared.

The demonstration was made even more immersive with the use of current technology. Alan and Sue ingeniously projected the cutting process from a mobile phone camera onto a large screen, ensuring every club member had a front-row seat to the magic unfolding.

Ross Vaga Probus, a men's group based in Ross, hosts such enlightening sessions twice a month. Those interested in attending or even delivering a talk are encouraged to reach out to the club's Secretary at [email protected]. More information about the club and its activities can be found on their website,