Herefordshire has been recognised as one of England's premier destinations for gardening enthusiasts, securing the sixth spot in a recent study by Easy Garden Irrigation. The county, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes including the Wye Valley, Malvern Hills, and its picturesque orchards, is now also celebrated for its vibrant gardening community.

The study aimed to identify England's top gardening hotspots, evaluating each county based on the number of allotments, properties with gardens, garden centres, and available gardening clubs. Herefordshire, with its 34 garden centres and over 1,624 properties boasting gardens, emerged as a prime location for those with a green thumb.

The top ten gardener-friendly counties in England are as follows:

  1. Rutland
  2. Devon
  3. Surrey
  4. Cumbria
  5. Norfolk
  6. Herefordshire
  7. Isle of Wight
  8. Warwickshire
  9. Kent
  10. Bristol

The diverse landscape of Herefordshire, ranging from ancient forests to wild meadows, offers a unique environment for plants to flourish. This, combined with the county's rich gardening resources, makes it an ideal place for gardeners to live and immerse themselves in nature's beauty.

Councillor Mary Smith, a keen gardener herself, commented, "It's wonderful to see Herefordshire getting the recognition it deserves. Our community has always been passionate about gardening, and this accolade just reaffirms our love for it."

For those interested in the complete findings of the study and its methodology, more details can be found on Easy Garden Irrigation's website: