LYDNEY doctor Tristan Lench swapped his office chair for his bicycle saddle to raise almost £400 for a community hub for the elderly.

However strong winds meant he and his wife were timed out of the final run of the 105-mile Coast to Coast Rat Run across the Scottish Highlands, forcing them to quit. But he says he has already re-entered next year’s race to finish the job.

Dr Trench, at Severnbank Surgery, said: “Sadly I did not complete the course. The wind was the strongest it’s been and in our faces all day. We completed seven miles of running, one mile of kayaking and 83 miles of cycling, but were timed out for the final run: setting off across the moor near Ben Nevis.

“Normally this happens to 10 to 20 per cent of the entries, this year over half the people didn’t make the cut. I’ve re-entered for next year to finish the job.”

Last Wednesday he presented a cheque to the Victoria Day Centre for £381.06.

He added: “I try and do an annual challenge and this one seemed quite exciting, it was a combination of run, kayak and cycle. Also I could do it with my wife as a team.

“Last year I raised money for Leanne’s Gift by running The Atlantic Coast Challenge which is three marathons in three days along the coastal path in Cornwall.

“I chose to support the Victoria Day Centre as it is an invaluable local resource and I prefer to raise money for local Forest projects. People have been very generous and I’ve had a lot of help, particularly from Rosalie Knowles who went round with posters and collecting donations.”

Ongoing donations can be accepted at The Flower Pot in Lydney or at Severnbank Surgery.