Monmouthshire resident Vanessa Ruck, also known as "The Girl on a Bike" has just completed a thrilling 9-day motorcycle tour across the rugged landscapes of Iceland, and she's here to share her experiences with us.

On day one, Vanessa started her journey with a good night's rest and a trusty supply of protein powder. With her Africa Twin motorcycle, she set out to explore the extreme terrain of Iceland, where the roads are insane, the scenery is mind-blowing, and the weather is always an additional challenge.

Throughout her journey, Vanessa encountered black sand, rocky roads, water crossings, and even fog, but she was always up for the challenge. She rode through lava fields, desolate valleys, and epic waterfalls, experiencing the beauty of Iceland like never before.

But it wasn't all smooth sailing. Vanessa faced some tough moments along the way, including two flat tires, an incident with one of the support vehicles, and some close calls on the rocky terrain. However, she managed to keep her bike upright and her spirits high, always ready for the next adventure.

Despite the challenges, Vanessa couldn't have been more thrilled with her experience. "Iceland is my favorite off-roading destination," she exclaimed. "The scenery is absolutely incredible, and there's nothing quite like riding across the moon-like landscape on a big bike."

And after nine days of riding, Vanessa's adventure came to a close at the Blue Lagoon, where she soaked in the warm waters and reflected on her incredible journey. "Nine days over three thousand kilometres, one happy girl, and a massively amazing Africa Twin," she said. "I'm exhausted, but it was worth every moment."