In a display of interest and talent, the Hills Ford 3 Shires Stages saw a torrent of over 100 entries pouring in as soon as they opened. Not only was the quantity impressive, but the quality of competitors promises an exhilarating event.

Notable entrants include Hugh Hunter in his Ford Fiesta Rally 2, Damian Cole piloting a Citroën C3 R5, Steve Wood with co-driver Paul Morris in another Citroën C3, and the formidable Melvyn Evans in a Melvyn Evans Motorsport Polo R5. Other contenders to watch are Rob Swann in an ex-Ott Tanak Ford Fiesta WRC and Mark Kelly, recent Tour of Epynt winner, driving a Skoda Fabia R5 with Dai Roberts.

Historic vehicles aren’t left behind, with Roger Moran, former Motoring News road rally champion, behind the wheel of a Moran Motorhomes Skoda Fabia R5. Meanwhile, Michael Igoe transitions from circuit racing to rally in a Ford Fiesta Rally 2, and Mark Jasper brings the classic Metro 6R4 to life.

Young talents and local crews are also gearing up, showcasing Hereford’s finest, such as Jay Stanley, Dan Petrie, and the Skipp duo, all in Escorts. Representing the event sponsors are Tim Hill and Richard, both in a Hills Ford Fiesta, reflecting the familial racing legacy.

The two-wheel-drive category isn’t left out, with an impressive lineup featuring Tom Llewellin, Andy Fraser, Chris Simmons, and many more.

With such immense interest and the event still open for entries, 17th September promises a full-throttle, edge-of-the-seat spectacle, underlining the immense popularity and pull of the event.