PEDESTRIANS using a footpath on Grove Road, Coleford are being forced closer to the road due to overgrown hedges.

Richard Freeman, a resident in the area, said that space for pedestrians is extremely limited because of the overhanging hedgerows and overgrown grass areas.

He said:

“Walkers have to move close to the road and this is potentially dangerous. The problem has probably been going on for around 20 years”. 

“There is a new housing estate being developed nearby, so there are going to be more pedestrians using the footpath.”

Mr Freeman fears the problem could lead to a serious incident. He said:

“There just isn’t enough room. While it may not look too bad now, it’s going to get much worse in a month or two as the hedgerows grow.”

A spokesperson from Gloucestershire County Council said:

“We thank the resident for bringing this issue to our attention.

“There are planned works in the coming months to cut back this hedgerow to the boundary even though it is not maintained through Gloucestershire County Council as it is owned by a third party.

“We take safety concerns raised by the public seriously. and we regularly inspect the area to ensure any safety issues can be checked.

“We have recently been clearing other footpaths in this area to bring them back to their original width.”