TEMPORARY plans for a “large party house” next to the “UK’s biggest man cave” have been approved, despite “cars blocking bin lorries” and neighbours “not being able to open their windows due to noisy revellers”.

The six double bedroom house at 24 Meendhurst Road, Cinderford, backs onto the leisure centre built without planning permission by millionaire accountant Graham Wildin.

Applicant Paradise Trustees, who are understood to be related to Mr Wildin, applied to the Forest Council for retrospective permission to change the house into a holiday let.

Graham Wildin inside the leisure centre he has built for himself and his family in his back garden (file pic) See SWNS story SWBRcave; A man ordered to knock down 'Britain's best man cave' which he built illegally in his back garden has been told to pay £30,000 to the council to cover its prosecution costs. Graham Wildin, 66, spent four years battling with authorities over the private leisure complex. It contains a bowling alley, cinema, casino and a gym - and pictures from Google Earth show it looking like a massive factory. But a High Court judge said the granddad-of-five must comply with the council and remove the centre.
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Mr Wildin has continuously defied court orders to knock down his 10,000sq/ft leisure complex in Cinderford, even serving a jail term in 2022.

And his neighbours say it has been an on-going nightmare after accusing him of taking out his anger on them.

That particular row has been ongoing since 2014 when Wildin built the leisure centre – that includes a bowling alley, casino and a cinema.

And dozens of neighbours along with Cinderford Town Council objected to the holiday let proposals for the house next door which were put before the development management committee on Tuesday (March 12).

An overhead shot of the Meendhurst Road site next to the 'leisure centre'
An overhead shot of the Meendhurst Road site next to the 'leisure centre' (Local Democracy)

A joint letter said there have been numerous complaints over noise and parking problems at the “party house” site.

“The property creates unwelcome additional noise issues in Meendhurst Road. The property has no real rear garden,” neighbours said.

“It only has a small corridor containing a hot tub which is very echoey and the large garden previously associated with the property now contains a large leisure centre which has been subject to planning issues and is now allegedly owned by a Mexican businessman.

“Therefore all external socialising takes place in the front garden or primarily on the raised deck area to the front...

“The property primarily attracts large groups of adults often for parties of some description and or in the summer BBQs.

“As is often the case with groups of adults consuming alcohol they can become loud and parties and or BBQs... are often accompanied by loud music...

“A guest who... attended a party we would suggest was learning to play the saxophone and we had to endure regular practice sessions throughout the weekend!

“The venue is more akin to a party house and is a venue designed to accommodate parties, reunions etc. This is confirmed by the web-based marketing and feedback.

“There have been historical parking issues in the street resulting in a ground-breaking injunction to prevent inappropriate usage related to anti-social behaviour.”

Council officers recommended approving the scheme on a temporary basis until January 2026 to allow highway and noise impacts to be assessed.

The self-catering accommodation should only be allowed for holiday purposes by tourists and limited to 12 overnight.

Case officer Roland Close said there was a significant highway issue from December 2021 until December last year when up to 13 of vehicles were parked on the street, which has been resolved by an antisocial behaviour order that Mr Wildin can only park two vehicles there.

Diana Gash, who spoke for 25 residents of Meendhurst Road, said it was a quiet narrow cul-de-sac.

“There have been complaints made of noise from the property,” she said.

“It has the potential of attracting more vehicle parking and more general disturbance to the street.

“Residents have endured unprecedented levels of stress due to parking issues which have now been resolved by the court.

“Previously, we have had 15 occasions where refuse could not be collected.”

Ben Pearce, for the applicant, said the holiday let has been used since July 2022 and has largely operated without adverse impact.

The committee approved the proposals by 12 votes for and one abstention.