Ross-on-Wye Town Council announces the Annual Parish Meeting to be held on Thursday, March 2, at the Larruperz Centre, featuring talks from the mayor and committee chairmen.

The meeting will also highlight the work done throughout the year, including the grants given to charities and community projects. Councillor Daniel Lister encourages anyone interested in becoming a councillor to attend the meeting, as it will feature a talk from Linda Wilcox about what it means to be a councillor and what to expect.

The meeting will also include a question and answer segment, giving residents the chance to voice their concerns and receive responses from the council.

Cllr Lister assures residents that if they are apprehensive about attending, he is willing to meet them outside and walk in together. Additionally, he urges residents to use voice notes to communicate with councillors, emphasising that it's a brilliant way to break down communication barriers.