A visitor to Abergavenny has hit out against the 20mph speed limit, after driving what they described "should be a 30mph to 40mph road."

The individual took to Twitter to say: "I drove into Abergavenny last week and made the mistake of going in the back way off the Hereford Road. A road that should be 40 and 30, the whole length was a 20 limit."

The Welsh Government has teamed up with police forces to help educate motorists ahead of the 20mph default speed limit roll out in September. 

This comes after the Rishi Sunak’s government is said to be considering a crackdown on councils imposing 20mph speed limits in the PM’s latest bid to prove he is “on the side” of motorists.

On Sunday, September 17 Wales will become the first UK nation to introduce a new default 20mph speed limit on restricted roads.

To prepare motorists for this significant change, the Welsh Government and the police are working with the fire service, Go Safe (Wales’ Road Casualty Reduction Partnership), local authorities and other community groups to educate motorists. 

At roadsides across Wales, fire service staff will work with partners, to stop speeding motorists in 20mph areas and offer them the opportunity to watch an educational video rather than face a fine of prosecution.

The video warns about the dangers of excessive speeds and highlights the benefits of slower speed. It is only offered to those motorists not driving excessively over the speed limit.

Supt Leanne Brustad, Gwent Police said:  “Engagement, education, and enforcement plays a huge part in the rollout.

“We will continue to work closely with our partners to educate drivers as much as possible as the new speed limit comes into force and help deliver all of the benefits of this policy.”

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Group Manager Richie Smart said:   “Our fire fighters see the devastating impacts that road traffic collisions, including those in built up areas where people and vehicles mix closely, can have. We are therefore pleased to support our partners to raise awareness of the importance of speed limits to keep everyone safe.” 

But critics of the sweeping 20mph imposition for all residential and town centre roads across Wales include Welsh Secretary and Monmouth MP David Davies, who has said: " I am not in favour of a blanket 20mph restriction and back my Conservative colleagues who only want to see a lower limit outside schools, churches or other areas where children or vulnerable groups are likely to be congregating.

"There is a growing sense of unease that the people of Wales are not able to have a proper say in this policy decision as the Welsh Labour Government seems intent on pushing ahead."

He also questioned the economic cost of slower traffic, saying: "it is disappointing that the Welsh Government seems to be ignoring its own impact assessments, which suggest that the damage to the Welsh economy could be as much as £4.5 billion."