A ROW over a village recreation ground’s parking plans has led to the resignation of its management committee team.

The chairman, secretary and treasurer have all stepped down following a meeting that saw their scheme for parking at Clearwell recreation ground voted down.

The village road beside the ground is full of parked cars on the verge when tenants Ellwood Youth FC use the pitches. The management committee proposed installing a mesh-surfaced, fenced car park on part of the site.

But concerns about it being unsightly, children’s safety, funding, damage to the pitch and the relocation of the zip wire were voiced before a vote rejected the scheme.

Now, committee chairman Andy Page, secretary Bill Evans and treasurer Richard Crighton have all handed in their resignations, saying it is time for others to take on the responsibility of managing the facility.

In an open letter to Clearwell residents announcing his resignation as treasurer, Newland parish council clerk Mr Crighton said: “As a member of the Clearwell Recreation Ground management committee, I was naturally disappointed when those present at the recent public meeting voted against the committee’s plans to install a mesh-surfaced, fenced car park on part of the land. I respect the views which were expressed and the outcome of the vote.”

But he said some present had not considered every aspect of the proposal and many concerns had already been or could be addressed.

A risk assessment on children’s safety had been drafted to be scrutinised by professionals, said Mr Crighton, while the surface of the car parking area would not have been visible.

On funding falling on the residents, he said: “That’s not the case, grants and loans are already secured for the full cost,” while the football club were ready to sign a longer contract to secure future income, and a clause was to be included to cover pitch damage.

He added that all legal aspects would have been addressed, while an alternative entrance from opposite Council Villas would probably prove very expensive and with planning and highways issues.

“I thus hope, sincerely, that the committee – perhaps supplemented by residents who attended the public meeting and who clearly have an interest in the ground – consider all the alternatives to alleviating the parking problem.”

He added: “I, with my fellow committee members, have over the last seven years, worked hard to raise in excess of £70,000 to improve facilities and meet the changing needs and demands of the public.

“I feel it is now time for others to take some responsibility for managing this facility and hopefully they will bring new enthusiasm.”