It is good news that county councillors Paul McMahon and Richard Leppington are going to address the issue of safety on Forest roads. 

The high rate of accidents is intolerable and some roads do pose hazards for drivers and riders.

However, we are told that over 90 per cent of accidents are due to driver/rider error.

We are all human and, therefore, prone to making mistakes or wrong decisions. 

While we can make sure roads reduce the impact of human error, surely drivers/riders must take greater responsibility when on the roads? 

As letters to the Review often state we see drivers using mobile phones, texting or exceeding the speed limits. 

Why do some drivers think they can make their own road rules?

The IAM (the Institute of Advanced Motorists), exists to help drivers and riders to become better and safer drivers and riders. 

They offer free assessment drives and have free one-day courses that introduce advanced driving. 

The next one is at Hartpury College on October 11.  Why not go along and see what it's all about? 

If more drivers had better hazard perception there would be fewer accidents. 

Let us hope that with the efforts of the proposed road safety committee and greater awareness by drivers, the accident rate on Forest roads can be reduced considerably.

– Jean Sheraton, St Briavels.