THIS tiny frog the size of a 10 pence piece was an unexpected “buy one get one free” in a weekly shop.

The reed frog is native to Africa but was found by a woman in Caldicot when she bought a bunch of bananas.

She took it to Marlow's Vets at High Beech in Chepstow who were delighted to give it a clean bill of health, despite its 3,000-mile trip from Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) in West Africa.

The practice is now hoping that people will suggest a name for the new arrival on its Facebook page..

Vet Harry Williams said: “A lady had done her food shop and unpacked her bananas and out jumps this tiny, tiny frog.

“She put it in a pot and brought it over to us on Tuesday afternoon (March 12) and it is a tiny little thing.

“We think its come from Ivory Coast with the bananas.

“I did some Googling and there have been multiple stories of similar things.

“It seemed OK. We took it out of the pot and it was jumping around and looked in good condition despite the massive journey it’s been on.

“Luckily, because it wasn’t injured and didn’t seem unwell, there wasn’t much for us to do as vets.

“We rarely see frogs or amphibians here.

“We are used to the furry things – cats, dogs rabbits. We get the odd reptile here and there but rarely, rarely do we see frogs.

“One of our receptionists has got a vivarium at home and is feeding it until we can think of a better place for it to go.

“It will need to go somewhere which is used to dealing with tropical frogs so we’ll have to do some research and call arounds.

“It’s tiny like a 10p piece. I’m surprised it survived.”

The reed frog - a species of tree frog - normally lives in subtropical or tropical African forests, savanna, shrubland or wet grassland, rivers, swamps and lakes.

Some evidence suggests that they may change sex from female to male after having successfully bred.