LAST week some newspapers reported  that  the toll for the old Severn Bridge was 2/6d (12.5p) which was correct for a single journey – tolls were collected both ways – so to compare today’s toll it was 25p.

Using a currency history calculation puts it around £4.30 at today’s prices so a £2 increase over 50 years seems quite reasonable.

I hope, however, some bright spark does not use the same calculation in reverse when the tolls are revisited in 2018.

A new toll similar to the Humber Bridge would quite acceptable and probably would still generate enough funding to assist in building a third crossing near Lydney, linking us Foresters to the M5 corridor which provides much employment opportunity.

– James Bevan, Lydney.

Editor’s note: The cost of a one-way crossing of the Humber currently ranges from £1.50 to £12