WHEN a Scout hut was forced to close, everyone involved feared it spelled the end for the groups that met there.

But the determination of 1st Cinderford Scouts, however, has seen their condemned building completely refurbished in a fraction of the five-year time anticipated and at half the cost.

“This time last year, our Scout and Cub leaders had to inform their members that our Scout hut had to be closed with immediate effect,” said Greg Moger, chair of the Scout group.

“Leaders, parents and Cubs and Scouts themselves were devastated and there was even talk of disbanding the group because of the almost impossible task that we faced.

“The leaders, with our treasurer, called a meeting of all parents and asked for help in trying to salvage something out of the mess that we had been left with.

“Luckily, the parents decided to fight on and formed a committee to investigate what the options were. Given the meagre resources we had, the future was

certainly not rosy,” he added.

The committee dismissed a new build as too costly and an extension due to planning restrictions.

“This left them with a total refurbishment programme at a possible final cost of over £25,000 and a five-year fundraising exercise.

“Our committee ach- ieved the impossible,” Greg added, “and managed to beg, cajole and appeal to our friends in both business and the community to rebuild our Scout hut with a mains water supply, rewiring, toilet and septic tank, fitted kitchen, double glazing, new doors, external cladding, fencing and gates all for under £12,000 and within a 12-month period.”

“Our donors and businesses, including Cinderford Town Council, whose members supported us throughout, and have given us so much help and advice.

“This enabled us to carry out the majority of the work, saving time and money. We now have an amazing venue for 1st Cinderford Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

“Thanks to everyone who helped us reach our goal.”