As the summer events wind down, the weekend still offers plenty to do, from jazz and comedy shows to a visit to the Mend and Repair cafe in Newent. The Daffodil Line Team suggests this could be the best time of year to explore local farmers markets and even enjoy a tranquil hour around Newent lake.

The team noted that after a bustling summer, culminating in the Big Apple festival, the community is taking a brief pause. But that doesn't mean there's a shortage of activities. From theatre performances like "The Ghost Train" at the market theatre to various comedy and jazz events, there's something for everyone.

"Whatever your plans enjoy your weekend - don't forget to take the bus!" says the Daffodil Line Team. They also pointed out that the Daffodil Line offers a convenient one-hour stop in Newent, ideal for admiring the lake's autumnal colours, wildlife, and new sculptures.

For those who cannot take the bus this weekend, the team welcomes bus-fare-sized donations to keep their service running. "If you can't take the bus this weekend we'd be very grateful for a little bus-fare-sized donation to help keep our wheels turning," they added.

In a nod to the season, the Daffodil Line Team also mentioned that one of the best ways to connect with the countryside is by enjoying its harvest. Whether it's through buying local produce or taking a bus ride to admire the landscape, the emphasis is on community connection.

For more details on events and how to make a donation, you can visit the Daffodil Line's website.