Letter to the Editor: In response to Mr Damon Bramley’s letter of March 3, I’m sorry to say I think you and your followers are somewhat delusional. 

I appreciate that you are suffering from climate anxiety and that most of your spare time is spent worshipping at the temple of Saint Greta of climate change! 

Do you honestly think that you are going to change anything?

We in this country contribute 0.8 per cent to two per cent CO2, (depending on what newspaper you read) so in real terms, this island of ours could sink into the great abyss of the North Sea and it will make no difference to climate change or improve anything.

The change will have to come from Asia and South America, from poor people who quite frankly don’t give a toss for climate change, and why should they! 

What they want is what you already have – food, housing, and the same lifestyle.

In the North Sea, there are 1,000 billion barrels of oil ready for extraction in the Hastings Field. Off Great Yarmouth, there are three gas fields. 

In Corby, there are anthracite mines ready to be exploited to make steel. You don’t want that either. 

You prefer it to be dug in China and shipped all the way round the world – how green is that?

We need to develop a fuel that is clean, carbon free, and cheap on the global market. 

This will take time for research and development. 

Destroying the economy in the meantime is not a sensible option.

If you want a green option, what about the Severn Barrage, which is capable of producing 18 per cent of the country’s electrical needs?

Nigel Bluett, Berry Hill