Letter to the Editor: I refer to the letters from Richard Wooller (Bream), and John Webster (Lydbrook) finding fault with my earlier letter.

Agreeing with both that they have every right to their views same as I have for mine.

Looking beyond the immediate issues in the letters we need to realise that World history is one of colonisation, wars, and plunder and there are no rights and wrongs as claimed in the letters.

Most of today’s Nation-States did not exist prior to the 20th Century and two World Wars.

Looking back at the history of India and British colonisation in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries one needs to look back at the history of India where Islamic Empires ruled over the centuries before the British took over.

Wars, plunder and forced conversions were the rule all through the Centuries of Islamic Rule.

The India of today was shaped and put together by the British in the Nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

All the trappings of Modern India, even its Constitution, legal system, educational institutions, and governance arrangements were all set out during the British Era.

The same goes in many African and Asian countries that emerged in the Twentieth Century and also in the Americas where European powers played an important role in bringing modern civilization to replace earlier tribal rule.  

Yes! India today despite poverty in sections of the population is advanced in relation to many other countries with a sound technological and economic base.

Educated Indians have spread across the Globe including Britain and the USA/Canada initiating technical development and businesses. 

India would not have progressed to what it is today if not for the Imperial legacy.

The Railway system and businesses set up by the British in the Nineteenth Century brought the land together helping development.

The Mughal/Islamic Rulers of earlier centuries would have led India to the backward traditions you see in much of the Middle East today.

One needs to look at history without any prejudice.

In this context much of the Islamic World remains in continuing violence and socially backward.

The Palestinian ruling classes are corrupt and unable to compete with the better organised and more versatile Israelis.

That is the reason why Palestine has failed and the Israelis have won in every conflict after their founding in 1948.

There is nothing wrong in giving credit where it is due rather than hiding behind woke views about history and cultures.

British/European Nations were better organised, technically advanced, and more powerful in earlier Centuries and therefore able to colonise much of the World.

Colonial legacy has benefitted people across the Globe. No different to what the Romans did in the Ancient World.

Venk Shenoi, Blaisdon