We had the good fortune to be addressed by our much valued and appreciated Committee member, Keith Ray, at our last meeting. He chose a typically enigmatic and challenging title, “Stop thinking. Start Living.” He was encouraging us to recognise the vital place of paradox in our lives and world, as well as wanting us all to live more with the right side of our brains than the left.

As usual with Keith, he drew on a wide range of authors from different disciplines to support his arguments, so we were treated to quotes from psychiatrists, neuroscientists, playwrights, and philosophers, but all in a way that was accessible and applicable to our own daily living.

Keith began by referring to his own voluntary work began in retirement in 2001. Each Friday was given to the Prince’s Trust, for whom he is a mentor, using this to illustrate his theme, because it showed and taught him that in giving to others we receive. 

He ended just as practically by saying how much deliberate, thoughtful deep breathing for a few minutes several times a day helps him re-focus and let the being, experiencing and accepting side of himself (ie the right side of his brain) have greater prominence than the thinking, analytical, judgmental side (the left side of his brain).

Much for us all to ponder and learn!

Keith’s talk was followed by lively questions, discussion and great appreciation.

Vaga Probus is a men’s group that meets twice a month in Ross. 

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