Letter to the Editor: Rising temperatures and dry spells are leading to an increasing loss of new street trees, but the nation can do its bit.

The Arboricultural Association is joining forces with the Woodland Trust and local authority tree officer associations to rally the UK public to water their new street trees using recycled rainwater or grey water, such as washing up water.

According to the Met Office 2022 was the warmest on record and the UK’s total rainfall persistently below average for the year creating challenging conditions for newly planted and younger trees to thrive.

Trees are crucial to our well being by cooling our towns and cities and improving air quality so we need to not only plant more but look after those we already have. 

While in rural settings newly planted saplings and woods can take care of themselves and adapt, the challenging conditions presented by living in the built environment means trees in our streets and urban areas need a bit more TLC . 

It’s a fun job to do with the kids or make it a post tea time routine to water the trees .

 It can rally community spirit too if estates or streets club together.”

Catherine Nuttgens,  Head of the Woodland Trust’s urban tree programme