Letter to the Editor: When the plans for HS2 were being discussed I had reservations about it because of the likely impact it would have on the environment. 

I don’t like to see ancient woodland uprooted and beautiful vistas destroyed.

Having started the process of building HS2, the news that it was to be curtailed seems to me to be almost criminal and a terrible waste of our taxes. 

However, it gets worse.

According to The Times online (20th October),  the land reserved for the bit of HS2 not constructed is to be sold-off at a loss of around £100m to the taxpayer. 

One can only assume that the Prime Minister, the Minister of State for Transport (Mark Harper), and their cronies are doing this to stop any future government (eg a Labour one) completing the work.

So an entirely unelected Prime Minister is selling public assets AT A LOSS. 

Asset-stripping in broad daylight. 

Now, I recommend readers to keep a careful eye on who gets to buy this land ‘on the cheap’. Will Rishi’s family benefit? Maybe a few Tory donors?  

After all, we’ve seen it with PPE; track and trace; and BP oilfield contracts. Nice little earners to the benefit of the VERY wealthy at OUR expense.

It seems increasingly  likely that a different political party (or parties) will be running the country after the next General Election. 

Which-ever party is in charge post-2024, I hope the new Home Secretary will set in motion a series of public enquiries with the potential of seeing the corrupt face criminal charges, and be jailed if found guilty. 

No politician or minister should be spared: from the numerous PMs we suffered over 14 years, to their minions and supporters. Jail...and for a very long time!

Mark Parry, Broadwell