With dedication, practice, and sage advice from club coaches, JKHS student Tom Heath’s game took flight. He was soon invited to join Goodrich’s team in the Hereford League. In his inaugural season, he triumphed in 40% of his matches, earning the Junior Progress Award and capturing the Junior Singles trophy at the County Championship 2022.

Continuing his impressive streak into his second season, Tom’s win rate surged to a remarkable 70%, helping his team, the Goodrich Ghosts, clinch victory in the 2nd division and secure a promotion to the 1st division for the upcoming season.

Tom’s prowess extended into the 2023 County Championships, where he seized the Audrey Lawrence Handicap singles cup, besting even his own father. He also secured runner-up in the Junior singles competition. His dedication is further seen in his twice-weekly practice sessions at Goodrich and his frequent participation in open tournaments in Hereford and Bristol.

Unsurprisingly, the weekly league matches are the highlight of Tom’s week. His father, Wayne, graciously shared these insights into his son’s journey.

Tom’s exceptional achievements serve as an inspiration to his fellow students at JKHS. He has even started an after-school table tennis club, under the supervision of Mrs Butler. The club, running from 3:25 to 4:30 pm every Friday, is open to all, requiring no previous experience or equipment. Just like Tom, anyone could start a journey to greatness right on the school’s outdoor tables.