Britain’s latest steam locomotive, Falcon, is set to embark on its inaugural passenger journey in Mid Wales this September. Constructed at the esteemed workshops of Alan Keef Ltd near Ross-on-Wye, this remarkable locomotive is the culmination of over a decade of intricate design and craftsmanship.

Falcon, officially designated as locomotive number 10, stands as the centrepiece of Corris Railway near Machynlleth, having been built at a cost nearing £400,000. This modern marvel draws inspiration from a set of engines delivered to Corris Railway in 1878 by the Henry Hughes company of Loughborough. Despite its compact size, its intricate design demanded over ten years to perfect.

The project was made possible thanks to the generosity of nearly 500 donors, including members of the Corris Railway Society (CRS) and other supporters. Fundraising efforts were bolstered by raffles and sales of donated items. Notably, some of the locomotive’s components were handcrafted by skilled CRS members, while others were produced in various regions, including Bradford, Kent, and the East and West Midlands. In a nod to historical authenticity, CRS volunteers have also crafted Victorian-styled passenger carriages.