John Kyrle High School PRIDE Club at a local school hosted an arts-and-crafts-style event that brought students together for a pebble painting party. The after-school gathering saw the participants engaging in a creative and social activity, providing a colourful and entertaining way to unwind after a day of learning.

Fuelled by snacks and laughter, the students carefully planned their designs before setting to work on their pebbles. The results were a delightful mix of creations, ranging from quirky minions and colourful rainbows to the lovable Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants.

Once the painting was complete, the students playfully hid their masterpieces around the school library, before challenging one another to a spirited game of pebble treasure hunt. It seems that some may need to brush up on their detective skills, as a few pebbles proved to be more elusive than anticipated.

The event’s success was due in large part to the dedication of the school staff. A heartfelt thank you goes out to Mrs Davies for sourcing the pebbles, Mrs Creswell for keeping the atmosphere lively as the resident DJ, and the Feminist Club for their unwavering support and enthusiasm throughout the event.