A new sculptural art installation by world-renowned artist Ed Elliott is headed for the Forest of Dean’s Puzzlewood in June. The exhibit will feature more than 100 newly created, and many never-before-seen, Kodama sculptures.

 Kodama are tree spirits in Japanese folklore that inhabit trees and the term is also used to denote a tree in which a Kodama resides. As one of the world’s incredibly rare temperate rainforests, Puzzlewood’s magical landscape is the perfect backdrop to Elliott’s art.

Ed Elliott is an award-winning sculptor specialising in large scale figurative pieces, often designed with a specific site in mind. He has received national acclaim for his innovative work in wood and bronze, creating highly innovative and emotive work in his distinctive style. Ed shows the flexibility that must be accepted to be able to sculpt with wood and allow it to speak, that has led him to become one of the nation’s leading sculptors in this medium. He works from his studio in the West Midlands, UK and exhibits widely across the UK and abroad. With public pieces in six counties and work collected globally he is widely recognised for his ambitious pieces and his striking style.

 ‘Puzzlewood is one of the most unique and inspiring forests in the country,’ said Elliott. ‘I’m very excited to announce my latest sculpture project, guaranteed to be a unique experience and will no doubt be lots of fun for visitors.’

 The installation pulls inspiration from ancient Japanese arts and philosophy which highlights the ancient majesty and wonder of Puzzlewood. The art will add a new dimension to visitors’ already heightened senses, as they make their way through the winding paths, making it feel like the wood spirits are all around them.

 The installation will open to the public on 5 June and run until 7 July. With Elliotts’ work exhibiting widely across the UK and abroad, and the number of visitors limited to protect the woodland, this unique installation is expected to sell out quickly. Visitors are encouraged to secure their tickets as soon as possible via the website. All works of art will be on sale for those who want to take a bit of magic home with them.