The renowned Gizmo, famed from Britain’s Got Talent and numerous television appearances, dazzled attendees with his circus antics at Longhope Church on Sunday, August 7.

Hailing from Wales and considered one of the most sought-after entertainers, Gizmo showcased his array of tricks to a captivated audience, notably comprising a group of thrilled children.

A sight to behold was when the budding performers, with gleaming pride, paraded up and down the church aisle, effortlessly spinning over sixty plates. At another enchanting moment, more than forty radiant peacock feathers were seen being balanced on fingertips, noses, and even big toes.

While fathers endeavoured to master juggling, mothers relished their time with hula hoops. Grandmothers, in a lighter moment, enjoyed the spectacle while sipping tea and savouring cake. By the event's culmination, each child went home wearing a medal, clutching a certificate, and carrying memories of a day filled with joy and accomplishment.

In addition to the entertainment and memories forged, the day served a profound purpose. The event significantly contributed to the Longhope Church Bell Tower Repair Appeal. As of the recent update, the church has successfully navigated the asbestos and bat surveys, securing a bat licence post the discovery of bats. With scaffolding set for installation on 15th August, the strengthening repairs are slated to commence from 21st August, marking the beginning of a 16-week renovation journey.

The church committee expressed gratitude for the overwhelming community support, which has turned this ambitious project into reality. However, the fun doesn't cease here. To fully realise the repair project, an additional sum of approximately £25,000 is required. With the community's track record, there's every optimism that the goal will soon be met, ensuring Longhope village remains a beacon of unity, joy, and shared ambition.