I was walking in the summer heat down the winding Soudley road

When along came a lorry with a canvas-covered load

The driver stopped his vehicle, and leaned out to the side

And shouted ‘if you’re off to Blakeney, mate, join me for the ride’

He asked me if so many sheep had on a road been seen

I said - I’ve seen so many more around the Forest of Dean - cos:

I’ve been everywhere man

I’ve been everywhere man

Crossed the River Wye, Man

Played cricket at the Cut and Fry, man

Of travel I’ve had my share, man

I’ve been everywhere

I’ve been to Blaisdon, Taynton, Tibberton, Tudorville

Yorkley, Huntley, Flaxley, Chaxhill

Wigpool, Blackpool, Redbrook, Drybrook

Bigsweir, Brockweir, Broadoak, Dymock

Allaston, Woolaston, Abenhall, Oxenhall

Pillowell, Clearwell, Milkwall, seen ‘em all

I’ve been to Fetterhill, Cinderhill, Popes Hill, Viney Hill

Harrow Hill, Worrell Hill, Howle Hill, Steam Mills

Berry Hill, Tutshill, Tutnalls, Hudnalls

Broadwell, Clearwell, Kilcott, Kidnalls

Bream, Trow Green, Brains Green, Joys Green

Ruardean, Mitcheldean, know what I mean?

I’ve been to Gorsley, Glasshouse, Shophouse, High Nash

Shortstanding, Sling, Boughspring, Bromsash

Clanna, Cannop, Longhope, Fancy

Blakeney, Lydney, Soudley, Upper Lea

Hillersland, Hewelsfield, Piercefield, Collafield

Hopewell, Parkend coal mine, never you mind

I’ve been to Foxes Bridge, Nailbridge, Ruspidge, Serridge

Stowe, Staunton (Coleford), Staple Edge

Elton, Bilson, Staunton (Corse), Stantway

Christchurch, Crumpmeadow, Coleford, Coalway

Cinderford, Walford, Walmoor, Broadmoor

Speculation, Norchard Station

Kempley, Kent’s Green (no relation)

English Bicknor, Lightmoor, plenty more -----

Cos’ - I’ve been here, there, everywhere

I’ve been everywhere.

And never mind the Barracks.

With apologies to Johnny Cash!