A MEMBER of the public tried to talk a suicidal man out of killing himself in his car and thought he had succeeded – but sadly had not, an inquest heard.

Matthew Prictor, 34, of Orchard View, Kings Stanley, near Stonehouse, had gone missing on June 5 this year and a police officer out looking for him tracked his mobile phone signal to a small parking area off High Beech Avenue, Mile End near Coleford.

The officer found Mr Prictor dead in the vehicle.  It was later established that he had died as a result of exposure to carbon monoxide fumes. 

The inquest was told that earlier that day a member of the public had seen Mr Prictor aparently trying to gas himself in his car and had intervened. 

He spoke to Mr Prictor, took possession of the hosepipe he was using, and then took him to a pub for a drink and tried to talk him out of suicide.

The well wisher, who believed he had succeeded in dissuading Mr Prictor from ending his life, had subsequently declined to be involved in the inquest proceedings, said area coroner Roland Wooderson.

He recorded a conclusion of suicide on Mr Prictor, who had been pronounced dead at the scene by a paramedic at 10.33am on 5th June.

Police had been out looking for him when he was discovered with the aid of mobile phone signals.

The coroner said: “Bearing in mind the notes I have seen the appropriate conclusion on the balance of probabilities is suicide.”