WE all have a hobby or interest but perhaps not one that is filling almost a cellar, garage and ’library’.

Cinema fanatic Keith Nunn, from near Coleford, says his wife doesn’t think much of his collection as it’s taking up ’too much space’.

But that doesn’t bother the Forester, who has memorabilia dating back as far as 1912.

He said: "I have always loved the filming industry and a six-week stint at Studio Cinema Coleford as a projectionist in 1960 turned into 38 years. I have built my collection of memorabilia through visiting sales and inheriting items over the years. I haven’t had them valued as such but friends have told me they have seen certain items I have sell on the internet for a high price.

"I would willingly donate my collection to a charitable cause within Coleford. There is everything from projectors to films and cameras to posters from when I worked in the town’s cinema. I think it would attract a few tourists if it was in the public domain.

"My career in cinema started in 1953 when I worked at the Ritz in Hereford, I used to ride my bicycle from Fownhope (near Ross) to Hereford every day.

"My wife complains my collection is taking up too much space – there is some in the cellar, a garage and I have a library of books on film and cinema etc. I’d say my oldest item is a 1912 28mm projector."