I WAS travelling my usual route to work on Friday morning which takes me through the lanes from Lydney into Mitcheldean taking me past Dene Magna school.

This area is often congested at 8.30am and even more so on Friday mornings.

Parents regularly drop their children off in an off-road section opposite the school and I have often thought how dangerous this is with no pedestrian crossing and no lollipop lady to assist.

A van was waiting for on-coming cars from the lane so was blocking much of the view therefore making this an even more dangerous crossing for children.

A young lad ran literally out from behind the van without looking and was inevitably hit by the car in front of me.

The lad was fine and got straight back up and returned to his parent – thank goodness but how different could that have ended up?

The car driver was in no way to blame as he was driving very slowly, thank goodness, and neither was the van driver.

My colleague, who was with me in the car and saw it happen, me rang the school about it and was told that parents have been written to and asked not to drop kids off there.

Why on earth have some clearly not listened?

I understand the school has adequate facilities for drop off and pick ups so I cannot understand why parents disregard this.

It’s not fair on the poor driver who has had this happen through no fault of his own.

He must have been shaken up and I hope he is OK.

If parents continue to drop off there then the least they should do is walk their child across the road. Better still stick to the rules.

I hope I never have to witness something like this again and worry that if I do next time the child may not be so lucky.

I hope parents of Dene Magna school children read this and abide by the rules.

– Andrea Brown, Lydney.