In a proactive move to enhance public safety, St Mary’s Church in Ross-on-Wye has recently installed a defibrillator on its grounds, marking a significant new addition to its churchyard. As they expressed their hopes that it will never be required, local residents have shown great enthusiasm for this crucial development.

The church’s staff have confirmed the new addition, saying, “There’s another new addition to St Mary’s churchyard. We’re hoping it is never needed.”.Their sentiments underscore their commitment to the wellbeing of the community and visitors, even as they hope that the circumstances never arise where the equipment would be necessary.

Responses from the community were shared on social media and reflected support. Judith Wiggins, a local resident, simply exclaimed, “Brilliant!”, a sentiment echoed by another local, Laura A Pugh, who added, “Absolutely brilliant news.”

One comment by Rob Lucas cheekily suggesting the defibrillator might be needed to “deal with the shock of discovering the cost of a C of E wedding!”

Another resident, Kimberley Howell, confirmed having noticed the new device, stating, “Yes, noticed it on Saturday.”