TWO Forest drivers have scooped a trio of trophies during an annual dinner dance presentation hosted by the South Wales Autograss League in Pembrokeshire.

Kathryn Harding, 22, of Mitcheldean, won the first place trophy for the highest points scored in Ladies Class 12, racing a Class 4 modified Mini, and third place trophy for points scored in Ladies Class 13 driving a Class 7 modified car.

Kathryn also competed and won seventh place at the 2015 Ladies National Autograss Championships held in the Yorkshire Dales in September.

Otis Williams, 21, of Coleford, won second place trophy for points scored in Men’s Class 4 driving a modified Mini. Otis was declared ‘Fastest Teifi Man on Grass’ when he won the annual Teifi men’s race at the end of last year, driving the Class 4 Mini. 

The race, held at the South Wales Autograss League’s track at Pendine, had all classes of cars competing in the race with staggered starts. Kathryn and Otis belong to the Teifi Autograss Club which is one of four clubs in the South Wales League.