John Kyrle High School’s hockey teams, including the U15 girls and year 7 & 8 girls, travelled to Malvern St James for their fixtures, showcasing determination and skill despite challenging games.

On Thursday, the U15 girls’ hockey team played against Malvern St James’ home team. Goalkeeper Ava Chambers made commendable saves and was aided in defence by Lara Rose Saint, who marked her first game for the school. Despite their efforts, Malvern St James managed to score two goals in the first half. While John Kyrle High School applied good attacking pressure, they couldn’t quite find the back of the net. The final score was 2-0 in favour of the home team. Alexis Green received the accolade of JK player of the match. The girls enjoyed biscuits provided by the hosts on their journey home.

In their first games of the season, the year 7 and year 7 & 8 mixed teams also faced off against Malvern St James. The hosts proved to be well-prepared opponents. The year seven team adapted well to their positions on the pitch, defending effectively and creating a few goal opportunities. The mixed team of year seven and eight players utilised the pitch space skillfully, with Fiona and Lilia putting up a strong defence. While they managed to break away a couple of times, their attempts were stopped by the opposing goalkeeper. Emilie Page and Daisy Jones were named players of the match for their respective teams. After the match, the girls returned home in high spirits, thanks in part to Party Ring biscuits provided for the journey.