Year 7 and Year 8 netball teams from John Kyrle High School took on Bredon School from Tewkesbury in a nail-biting Tuesday showdown. Both matches were closely contested, with each team demonstrating exceptional teamwork, determination, and skill.

The Year 8 match was an intense, end-to-end battle that showcased impressive defensive skills, as the team picked off numerous interceptions throughout the game. Despite a valiant effort and strong teamwork, the Year 8s narrowly lost in the final few seconds, with a final score of 7-6 in Bredon’s favor.

Meanwhile, the Year 7 team put forth a strong start with some fantastic passing, maintaining consistent pressure on their opponents. Their teamwork and well-coordinated plays allowed them to hold onto their lead throughout the game, ultimately emerging victorious with a 9-7 win.

The standout players of the matches were Lucy Younger from Year 8 and Evie Hartley from Year 7, both of whom earned the coveted title of Player of the Match. Their performances were instrumental in their respective teams’ efforts, highlighting their dedication to the sport and their teammates.

This gripping netball showdown between John Kyrle High School and Bredon School was an outstanding showcase of the young players’ talent and potential, leaving fans and spectators eager for more thrilling matches in the future.