John Kyrle High School Year 8 netball team faced off against their rivals from Kingstone in a thrilling match.

The athletes showcased exceptional talent and adaptability, with many playing in new positions for the first time.

The John Kyrle team’s defence proved to be an impenetrable force, with Kingstone unable to score a single goal throughout the entire game. Erin Straker, in particular, demonstrated outstanding prowess in the defensive circle, effectively shutting down Kingstone’s scoring opportunities.

On the offensive side, the John Kyrle team initially struggled to find their rhythm. A few missed shots early in the first half led to a strategic change, with Lohla Pacey making her debut as goal attack. This tactical switch paid off, as a flurry of goals followed, showcasing the team’s adaptability and determination.

In the end, the John Kyrle Year 8 netball team claimed a well-deserved and decisive 13-0 victory over Kingstone. The match was an excellent display of the young players’ potential and a testament to their hard work and dedication to the sport. With such talent and drive, the future looks bright for these budding netball stars.